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It came to our notice that many parents and schools were experiencing poor levels of service from their High Street retailers. In addition, uniform was very expensive. We listened to the market and concluded that uniform shops located on school premises, run by us, and would be an ideal alternative to the High Street retailer. This proved to be immediately successful and popular with all concerned – parents, pupils and schools and to date 40 schools have now benefited from this service. You can read about their experiences on our ‘Testimonials’ page

Direct from us to you

All the uniform sold in Direct Clothing Company school uniform shops is sourced from reputable UK manufacturers. Special items can be produced by us ‘in-house’, which together with our own printing and embroidery unit enables us to keep a tight control on quality and delivery times. With over fourteen years of experience in uniform supply, we are also able to provide guidance with the selection and production of existing and new items of uniform.

How does it work?

These uniform shops are set up and run by ourselves after discussion with the individual school. The Direct Clothing Company will organise the ordering of the complete school uniform and maintain stock control via a process of annual stock checks and regular stock ‘top-ups’ to ensure strong stock levels are always available.

We will employ reliable staff to run the shop and complete all the necessary day to day administration.
The shop will open at suitable times during the week by arrangement with the school, allowing parents and pupils to purchase the uniform that they require, at their convenience.We will take over all the ­financial responsibility for the school uniform and will pay a commission to the school on all sales. This means no capital outlay for the school and a regular income from the sales. In addition, we will ensure that the price of the uniform will always remain competitive.

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